Benefits for students

When away from home and school, by definition, everything is different from usual. In such circumstances, individuals themselves can be different and discover things about themselves that they didn’t know; things that the environment and routines at home and school obscure or hide.

When people discover new things about themselves which they like, the opportunity to change presents itself and when classmates and teachers demonstrably like the change, individuals can be reinforced in new behaviours and habits.


A visit to Ardentinny Centre will
inspire your pupils to:

  • Have adventures and believe in themselves
  • Take responsibility for their own well-being
  • Value learning and exploring, and practice and learn new life-skills
  • Participate as active individuals and citizens, and form and maintain life-long friendships
  • Share success and triumphs with their classmates and teachers
  • Appreciate and enjoy the natural environment

In addition, our outdoor activities are planned to be exciting and challenging: the purpose of the exercise is to take young people into areas of endeavour which they will not previously have experienced, to support them as they confront and engage with the new challenges and to help them master and recognise the efforts and triumphs of themselves and their classmates.

Curriculum for Excellence

At Ardentinny, we recognise the important contribution residential and outdoor education offers to the Curriculum for Excellence, and most of our activities satisfy or can be linked to many different outcomes and experiences.

If you want to know more about how our work benefits children and young people, and how it is related to the Curriculum for Excellence, read about it in our Outdoor Education section