Skills for Life

The journey and the route to lifelong well-being is different for every single one of us and, for  most people, there are many challenges and obstacles along the way.

At Ardentinny, we promote self-confidence and self-belief, we help develop personal resilience and we deliver a heightened feeling of well-being.

The visit to the centre will be a one-of, single event for most children and young people, but it will also be a vital formative experience with the potential to advance children and young people towards well-informed lifestyle choices and ambitions.

No matter what school you are with and no matter how long the duration of your stay is, the journey of the outdoor course will inevitably include:

  • Physical and healthy activities
  • Goal setting and making choices
  • Engagement with challenge and risk-taking
  • Adapting to change

Being well practised as a young person and comfortable with such fundamental realities of modern-day life raises the possibility of being healthy and well as a teenager and as an adult.

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