Skills for Learning

It would take a very long list of experiences and outcomes from the Scottish curriculum to note everything that a standard Monday to Friday programme at Ardentinny can touch upon. But a few of them will always be present in our courses.

We visit schools in preparation for their outing to the centre and we will be very happy to partner teacher and pupils in pursuing particular goals for their Ardentinny trip.

But no matter whatever other aims and priorities teachers have for their pupils while at the centre, all children and young people specifically:

  • Develop skills and strategies which support them in challenging times (HWB 2-07a)
  • Experience enjoyment and a high level of personal achievement on a daily basis by taking part in different kinds of energetic physical activities which they have chosen to do (HWB 2-25a)
  • Carry out different activities and roles in unfamiliar settings (HWB 2-19a)
  • Take opportunities to make friends and be part of a group in a range of situations (HWB 2-14a)