Who We Are

The short version? We are an Outdoor Education Centre, situated in the remote village of Ardentinny, where your class or group can experience a wide range of challenging, educational and exciting outdoor activities. We see the great outdoors as a place to inspire and motivate; a context for exploring and developing personality and relationships. And we want to help our visitors make the most of their stay.

Different from most outdoor centres, we are a registered charity. That means that we work in order to give every child the possibility to enjoy the benefits of outdoor education. We do not work for profit, our only motive is to help build young people’s confidence and help them realise their potential.

We are a team of experienced professionals, with an unparalleled track record of working in the outdoors with young people and adults, which means we can guarantee that you will get an excellent, exciting and safe experience out of your stay with us.

But maybe most importantly, we love what we do, and we will do everything we can to transmit our passion and pride of the great outdoors to our visitors!

Want to know more?

Read on about our Mission, Vision and Values, or read about what we offer, who forms our team, or the reasons why you should choose us.

Our Mission

We want young people to be able to develop their full potential through outdoor education – That’s why we deliver excellent, safe, accessible and affordable residential outdoor courses for schools and other groups.

Our Vision

To diversify our offerings in terms of environmental education, personal development, and outdoor activities, in order to manage having the centre open and fit for purpose 365 days a year, while staying true to the ideas and the principles that define Ardentinny Centre.